ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6661
Product Description:
Kansas nucleus trisector, left-hand use, angled tip 
with triangular head, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6662
Product Description:
Kansas nucleus trisector, right-hand use, angled tip 
with triangular head, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6663
Product Description: Kansas nucleotome bisection spatula, 4 1/2", angled, 
semi-sharp blade, left hand use, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6664
Product Description: Brierly bimanual nucleus splitter, with incision sealing shaft

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6665
Product Description: Silverstein MICS drysdale phaco manipulator and quick 
chopper, double-ended, round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6666
Product Description: Fukasaku snapper hook, wedge-shaped inferior edge, 
round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6667
Product Description:
Fukasaku small pupil snapper hook, wedge-shaped 
inferior edge, blunt tip and front notch

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6668
Product Description: Steinert claw nucleus chopper I, 4 1/2", round handle

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6669
Product Description:
Verges phaco chopper, ambidextrous, round handle, titanium

ArticleNo: DTC-ONC-6670
Product Description: Shepherd Tomahawk chopper, 4 3/8", angled shaft, for use
 in the left hand, round handle, titanium

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